Rainy day mood - V-ray 5 GPU scene - closeup

Rainy day mood – wet glass texture pack tutorial

Hi all,

In this quick tip tutorial I’ll show you what you can do with the wet glass textures you got for subscribing to our newsletter or you have purchased the extended package in our asset shop.

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Disclaimer: Instructions mention V-ray (Vray GPU to be exact) as it is our main tool, but the workflow for Corona would be very similar. You may use those maps for any commercial or personal work. Enjoy.

As for geometry – you need a simple plane that would represent the outer glass sheet in a window. Yes, we recommend using double-glazed windows for interior vizualisations by the way. For the simplest setup It does not have to have any thickness in fact, just has to face the right direction for the refraction to work properly.

The simplest workflow:

The simplest and fastest way to get the effect is to set up a simple glass material and put the foggy map in Refraction glossiness slot and normal map or bump map into bump slot. Both values at 2-5%.

Adjust UVs… And that’s it. Looks nice already.

Wet glass v-ray 5 setup

Now you can play with it a bit.

You can play with the strength of the effect, use different variations of the map and many other.

You may decide not to use the foggy map in refraction glossiness slot at all

You can use the map with droplets that bounced from the window ledge and mix the effect with other ones or use it exclusively.

Or you can use a VrayBlend material to mix water material with glass (glass as base mat + water as overlay). This way you can get a more realistic effect if you use proper IORs – 1,33 for water and 1,52 for glass. I’d put the bump/normal map in both though.

Or you can use the foggy map in VrayExtTex and mix it in post. It’s more of a ‘fake’ approach, but may also look nice.

Or you can add another foggy map (no droplets) onto the inner glazing of the window.

Again – you can play with the effects and different maps and workflows all you want.

Also maybe check out Chaos Cosmos here: https://www.chaosgroup.com/cosmos

and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIL_FGFr3DQ

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See you next time!


heavy rain - bump map 5,0 + refraction glossiness - 3
detail - medium rain - bump map 5,0 + refraction glossiness - 0,5
detail - medium rain - bump map 5,0 + refraction glossiness - 0,5

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