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Welcome to Peak Studio blog section.

Hopefully here you’ll find latest news, tutorials and other – hopefully – interesting stuff.

For 12 years of my Archviz career, I’ve single-handedly or co- created//creatively directed nearly 1000 3d renderings (counting only final images that went to clients). I’ve learned quite a lot tips and tricks along with actual knowledge and experience that helped me become a betten architect, architectural visualizer and an artist overall.

I was lucky to have mentors like Viscorbel (Austris Cingulis) or Simon (CGWorkshop) along my way as an 3d artist. Their work and lessons influenced and shaped me and my professional career. 

As I feel I have achieved some level of professional success and fulfilment I think it’s time to try to find some time to share experience and give out to wide 3d society that once gave me tools and opportunities that helped me find my own path in life. On this blog along our other chanells we’re going to publish articles, tutorials, hardware and software reviews and other content aimed to help anyone interested in architectural visualization and people who want to become a multi-class architect/3d artist (as a D&D lover: +2 to charisma, +2 to initiative, -5 to constitution, Armor class not affected) 

Enjoy the ride!

Piotr Pietruczak

* Decard Cain, Diablo II

** Both of them ceased their educational activity. If you’re interested in learning some advanced techniques for 3d-related stuff – check out Grant Wawrick’s courses or others. I’ll probably create a list of guys and gals I follow and admire.