Feel free to contact us and to send us inquiries via email. To prepare an offer we need to have some insight into some of the technical documentation of your project. At this point as well as later on in our workflow we accept models in .max, .rvt, .skp, .3ds, .3dm, .dxf file formats as well as 2D CAD drawings in .dwg .dxf or .pdf. It would also be nice to get any other information in form of hand drawings, photo references and any other stuff that would help us well understand the project, the mood etc.
We tend to work on finished, complete projects. Meaning that the input design does not change on the go during our cooperation.
We schedule our projects some time ahead. Please bare that in mind.
We work Mon-Fri 9am-6pm (CET) and within work hours we’re at your disposal via email, skype, fb, phone and others if necessary.
We’d be very happy to work with you at any time.

PEAK Piotr Pietruczak
Address Dywizjonu AK “Jeleń”  3A, lok. 75, 00-712 Warsaw, Poland
Phone +48 693 622 306
Email [email protected]
VATID PL5213446113
REGON 147188018